Wingless Book Series

Wingless Book series

This is a website dedicated to my Book series.
 I am a new self published author trying to get the word out about my book series.
I have written five books in the series as of right now.
Here are the titles:
Wingless (Volume 1)
Polar (Volume 2)
Scattered and Broken (Volume 3)
Prison of Paradise (Volume 4)
Letters to You (Volume 5)

When Eve's brother Marcus dies, she knows there will never be another person that compares to him. She is sucked into a debilitating depression that she fears she will never survive. She never feels the same after his loss. And after a few years, the pain has found a way to turn into a nagging state of contemplation for Eve.

And when she feels she will never find a way to gain her sense of normalcy back, she meets an unusual guy who keeps her on her toes, and longing to know more. But, there is nothing normal about him and this pulls her into his world. He is the part of life Eve has been trying to get past, a part she never thought existed in real life- Death. And when death literally walks the earth, and creeps into your heart, it is very hard to see any part of life the same way again.

Wingless is a book about life through the eyes of a young girl who simply wants to live and learn. It takes a look at life through deaths eyes. And you see the struggles for two beings one human, and one not to love one another when that shouldn’t be possible. Would it be possible to love someone who could hurt you as nobody else could? Would you love a person who could take everything away from you? It lets you see that not everything is quite, what it seems and it can have you maybe for a quick moment look at things from another point of view. In all the chaos that is life, it is possible to find love amongst all the ugliness.