Wingless Book Series
It is Saturday, I came up with an idea. I uploaded the first two chapters to Heart of Gypsie, that way everyone can read the first two. Heart of Gypsies is one of my favorites and I really want everyone to read it. Its more of a real life story, nothing paranormal. But it to me is a great read, and it means a lot to me. I loved the idea, and I loved how the story turned out. Its one creation that is and will always be a favorite! (sure they all our my faves, but I had a lot of fun writing this one.) The characters were all so great, and the feelings that stir as you read it stick with you!
I have spent my time recently formatting my writing into Kindle versions, that is now complete. I like the added way my books can be obtained! And I have already sold a few copies in Kindle form.
Now I am focusing on promotion, I have been reading and researching all the ways to promote myself as a new author. I learned along the way that they refer to the likes of me as "Indie Authors" lol I like that.
Promotion is fun, and my only tip is do it rationally and don't cross over boundaries, while your promoting yourself don't be afraid to promote others, you are helping spread word not only about yourself but about other talented people.
Today I have more determination then ever to get these books furhter out there. I am dead set on getting the word out  about Wingless. Everytime I hear word from another person on how much they loved the books, it makes me so happy and just pushes me to keep going!
I thank everyone who supports me, it means so much!